TEL: (888) 708-TILE For additional roofing services, visit: Mortenson Roofing Co., Inc. Rev. 9/30/2012 Mission Tile Roof Details French Tile Roof Details Interlocking Shingle Tile Roof Details Spanish Tile Roof Details There are four (4) common popular styles or patterns of clay and concrete roof tiles, These are: Mission Style ( with pans and covers); French Style (with locking tabs on the sides and top); Interlocking Shingle Style (also with locking tabs on the sides and top); and Spanish Style (profiled like the letter “S” so each piece functions as both a pan and a cover). Associated with each style unique “fittings” for the ridges, hips, eave closures, top closures, left and right gable rakes, and end bands. These fittings are shown under the ‘New Fittings’ and ‘Salvaged Fittings & Tile’ pages of this web site. Concrete roofing tiles have similar configurations and special fittings. (Click on the image to enlarge) Mission Tile Details French Tile Details Interlocking Shingle Tile Spanish Tile Details