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Vintage and new clay roof tile & fittings


New Handmade European Roof Tile

In partnership with our northern European manufacturing partner we are proud to offer the finest handmade clay roof tiles in the world.

Traditional and Heritage Handmade Clay Roof Tiles and Fittings

Our Traditional and Heritage tiles are produced from high quality clay reserves and fired in a 110 year old coal fired Hoffman kiln. Firing in temperatures over 2,000 degrees bestows the tiles with their unique character and natural color shades, which is virtually impossible to recreate with modern gas fired kilns.

"English Traditional" Clay Shingle Tile

A rustic style handmade shingle tile popular in the UK for years. Same surface texture as our regular Traditional tile made in a slightly smaller size. This tile is laid on a batten system allowing for up to 20% energy savings during summer and winter months.

"Heritage" Clay Shingle Tile

A crude handmade shingle tile with a sandy slightly textured surface, available in light, medium and dark color blends.

"Traditional" Clay Shingle Tile

A rustic style handmade shingle tile with a cratered, sanded and irregular surface in a standard light to dark blend of smoky reds and blacks.


European Tile - English Traditional
English Traditional
European Tile - Traditional
European Tile - Heritage

Tile Fittings

European Tile - Gable Tile

Gable Tile

European Tile - Half Round Ridge

Half Round Ridge

European Tile - Hog's Back Ridge

Hog's Back Ridge

European Tile - Half Round Vented Ridge

Half Round Vented Ridge

European Tile - External Angle

External Angle (L/H)

European Tile - External Angle

External Angle (R/H)

European Tile - Universal Valley Tile

Universal Valley Tile

European Tile - Bonnet Hip

Bonnet Hip

The tiles have been tested according to the European test standards; Freeze-thaw DIN EN 539-2 (300 cycles), Transverse strength DIN EN 538, Permeability DIN EN 539-1 and Size DIN EN 1024. The tiles passed all testing and equal Grade 1 ASTM 1167-C. Test data available upon request. The tiles carry a 75 year manufacturer warranty, good for use in any climate. Please call for more information, pricing, and samples.

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Sell Your Salvaged Tiles
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